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The Northern California Modified Association (NCMA) has operated in California for 36 seasons and holds the distinction of being the oldest non-profit SPEC Sprint Car Series. When it started in 1987, it had a very different look to it and was the newest of the carbureted groups at that time. NCMA has competed on both pavement and dirt tracks but now concentrates on pavement racing.

NCMA is the only non-wing pavement sprint car series in California presenting a 10-12 race schedule throughout the year. NCMA Sprint cars have been a fan favorite for decades providing close, action-packed racing. The star of the evening may be a driver in their teens or a veteran driver in their mid-70s. NCMA has a driver roster of men and women who have competed in top open-wheel and NASCAR divisions, but also provides a great training ground for younger racers aspiring for auto racing stardom. NCMA’s proven platform allows teams to compete on a level playing field while providing an affordable package.

Race Results – More information to come!