Rob Hammond wins the last race of the NCMA 2019 Season, Denny Burrell wins the 2019 NCMA Championship.


NCMA’s last race of the 2019 season was on August 31st at Stockton 99 Speedway.  The temperatures for a late August race were warm and in the high 90’s but there was a bit of a delta breeze which gave the racers and fans some relief.  Special thanks to Stockton 99 Speedway for supporting open wheel racing not only this year but their commitment to keep pavement open wheel racing part of their program in 2020 and beyond.  Also a special thanks to the winged spring car teams; Kawahata, Beck and Segura for taking their wings off and bringing out their 410 sprinters to join the fun.  Good time was had by all. 

Qualfying results: 1. #77B David Burchett; 2. #76 Denny Burrell; 3. #17H Rob Hammond. 

Heat results: 1. #17H Rob Hammond; 2. #76 Denny Burrell; 3. #77B David Burchett.

Feature results: 1.  #45 Justin Kawahata; 2. #46 Justin Segura; 3. #4 Alan Beck; 4. #17H Rob Hammond (NCMA Winner); 5. #77B David Burchett; 6. #76 Denny Burrell

NCMA looks forward to the 2020 season and appreciate all the teams, racers, owner, tracks, promoters and especially the FANS for all your support !!!!

NCMA needs you!!!!  If you would like to be part of open wheel racing and part of the NCMA, we are looking for some energetic people, who have a love for racing and want to be part of something special. Hit the contact tab on our home page and someone will get back with you.

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